AEM Replacement 96" Pressure Sensor Harness for Analog Gauges (35-3412)


SKU: AEM-35-3412

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***This Item Has Been Discontinued***

AEM Performance Electronics offers several sensors, plug and pin connector kits and accessories for vehicles that require additional outputs and/or upgraded hardware over existing equipment. Available sensors include boost/backpressure sensors, exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensors, UEGO replacement sensors, inlet air temp sensors (IAT), K-Type sensors and more. All sensors come with a mating connector and pins for ease of installation.

Compatible with gauge part numbers 30-5132, 30-5132M, 30-5133, 30-5133M, 30-5144, 30-5135, 30-5135M, 30-5137 & 30-5137M.