AEM Digital to Analog Gauge Wiring Conversions


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AEM Digital to Analog Wiring Conversion kits allow users to easily convert their AEM digital gauges to analog style gauges without having to completely rewire the gauge. The conversion kits mount in between existing wiring from your digital gauge and the connector on the back of your analog style gauge.

Use PN 30-3420 for converting:

  • 30-4400 to 30-5139 (Volts)
  • 30-4401 to 30-5133 and 30-5133M (0-100 PSI/0-6.9 BAR Oil/Fuel Pressure)
  • 30-4402 to 30-5140 and 30-5140M (100-300F/40-148C Oil/Trans/Water Temperature)
  • 30-4406 to 30-5132 and 30-5132M (-30 - 35 PSI/-1 - 2.4 BAR Boost)
  • 30-4407 to 30-5135 and 30-5135M (0-150 PSI/0-10.2 BAR Oil Pressure)

Use PN 30-3421 for converting:

  • 30-4400 to 30-5130 (AFR UEGO Gasoline) and 30-5143 (AFR UEGO E85)