Defi Racer Gauges: 0-140PSI Oil/Fuel Pressure (52mm USDM Series)



These Defi Racer Gauges read out in US Measurements (PSI / Farenheit) for simplicity. They feature a 52mm (2 1/16") design, and come with a black face and illumination in blue, white or red using high-brightness LEDs.

Does not require and can't be used with the Defi-Link Control Unit.
Ignition ON initiates self-luminescence gauge.
Lightning-like Opening / Closing mode with white illumination using high-brightness LEDs.
Self-diagnostics function monitors both sensor disconnection and short-circuiting during startup.
The red triangle of the regular position bezel can be used as a warning indicator.
Full 270 degrees sweep dial provides ultimate visibility.
All Gauges are 52mm (2 1/16")

Each gauge kit will be different and includes everything needed for mounting and install.