DEI Protect-A-Wire


SKU: DEI-010601

Protect expensive spark plug wire sets from potential burning, cracking, and hardening typically caused by severe under hood heat. Easily installs on wire by removing distributor boot and sliding Protect-A-Wire over spark plug wire.

  • Constructed from high temp resistant glass fiber material
  • Withstands 500°F continuous 1200°F radiant heat
  • Four vivid colors; Silver, Black, Red & Blue
  • Available in 2 and 8 cylinder kits
  • Protects electrical wiring, speedometer cable, hoses & more up to 10mm diameter
  • Includes DEI Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes

2 Cylinder Kit Contains:
7 FT. of Line Sleeving, 6 Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes

8 Cylinder Kit Contains:
25 FT. of Line Sleeving, 25 Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes