DEI Speed Sleeves - Exhaust Wrap Jackets


SKU: DEI-010114

Speed Sleeves provide everything you need to cover and protect primary exhaust header pipes. An alternative to wrapping complete headers and ideal for spot protection from heat generating pipes and manifolds. They are easily installed in tight engine compartments. Great for trouble shooting specific components that are close to the exhaust header like ignition wires or fuel line.

  • Serves as an insulator and radiant heat barrier
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Supplied wrap covers pipes up to 2-1/4" diamater
  • Includes 8" wide exhaust wrap, lock fasteners and Locking Ties
  • 12 ft. of 8 in. wrap for 4 & 6 Cylinder
  • 16 ft. of 8 in. wrap for 8 Cylinder