Hallman Evolution Boost Controller Kit (Cockpit Control) - 48"



The Hallman "Evolution" Boost Controller utilizes a 48" cable system allowing you to adjust the boost from your driver's seat! Available with the "Pro" or "RX" controller for high or low boost applications. The springs and balls inside the controllers can be swapped to suit your needs in the future.
Also available in a 72" Length.
48" Recommended length for the Evo 8/9 install!

Optional -4AN Fittings:
For extremely high boost applications when you need an absolute seal, -4AN boost controller fittings are available!

What's the difference between the Pro and Pro RX?

Both the Pro and Pro RX share the same body. The ball and spring can be customized to suit your needs.
Boost Controller PSI Ball Spring
Pro High Boost
(15 to 60+ PSI)
316 Stainless Steel Heavy
Pro RX Low Boost
(1-15 PSI)
Ceramic Light