RaceQuip 6-Point Euro Style HANS/HNR Harness


SKU: RQ-755005

  • Lightweight 165 gram Magnesium Alloy Cam Buckle
  • Formula Car Style Dual Crotch Strap
  • FIA 8853/98 Tags Only – No SFI Certification
  • NOT D.O.T. / FMVSS Certified for On Highway Use
  • 2” Wide Lap Belt Has Pull Down Adjusters
  • 2" Shoulder Belt Accommodates HNR / HANS Device
  • Crotch Strap is Captured When Shoulder Belts Snap Into Buckle
  • Shoulder and Lap Belt Utilize Aluminum Adjusters
  • Wide Engagement Cone For Easy Snap In
  • Precise Spring Pressure for a Positive Feel
  • 45° (right or left) Unlatch Movement Mitigates Accidental Opening
  • Shoulders and Crotch Straps can be installed as Wrap Around, Bolt-in, or Snap Hook Mounting (no bolts or eyebolts included)
  • The Lap Belt Bolt On Ends are sewn on
  • Cam Buckle is Affixed to Right Lap Belt
  • Premium 2” Polyester Webbing
  • Transverse Mono Filament Woven for Increased Strength and Smoother Edges
  • Shoulder Belt Adjustment Length is 20" to 60"
  • Lap Belt is Adjustable from 25" to 50"
  • Available in Black Only