Turbosmart Race Port - Supercharged Applications


SKU: TS-0204-1106

A version of our compact and high-flowing Race Port BOV designed for supercharged engines. 

The supercharger-specific Race Port is fitted with a soft spring, so it stays open at idle when a supercharger is still making boost. 

Designed specifically for supercharged applications. The supercharger-specific Race Port features a soft pink spring so it can stay open at idle, when the supercharger is still producing boost. 

The largest and the highest-flowing BOV in the Turbosmart range has just been redesigned and now features our unique collar design. 46% lighter and 25% smaller than the product it replaces, the new Race Port provides greater performance through faster turbo spool-up from idle and reduced turbo lag between gears.

Supplied With:
Vacuum fittings, weld flange, V-band assembly, and Pink Spring Rated -24 to -14 InHg (installed).